New Logos for CDA & The Cultural District

In case you don't know, the Cultural District Alliance (or CDA for those in the know) has been a guiding force in the Cultural District since 1991.  What we've learned however is that not many people in fact... know us.  So, we begin 2015 with a reintroduction to CDA and a new logo.  Two in fact.

In 1936, the construction of the Will Rogers Arena, Theater and Pioneer Tower became the center of what is today the Cultural District.  Though the landscape has certainly changed, these iconic buildings remain at the heart of our ever evolving neighborhood.  They became the subject of directional signage 20+ years ago, helping to direct people to our area and today provide an outstanding symbol for the Cultural District and for the Cultural District Alliance.

These logos are just the beginning of course.  We hope to use a renewed awareness of CDA, our mission and our leadership to make greater strides towards improving the Cultural District as a premier place to live, play, work and learn.  Stay tuned for more great things to come.  And if you're not a member yet...  get with the program!  We're looking out for YOU.

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