City of Fort Worth aims to lower litter levels with street sweeping initiative

city of fort worth cultural district street sweeper

via City of Fort Worth:

Fort Worth is returning to a routine schedule for street sweeping after handling the task on an as-needed basis for the past several years.


The sweepers you’ll see on the streets today aren’t the mammoth gas-guzzlers that might have fascinated you as a child. The current sweepers are much smaller, energy-efficient and can cover more ground in shorter time. The city owns two light-duty and two heavy-duty sweepers. Additional vacuum trailers will join the fleet soon.


To limit the impact on existing services, maximize results and stay within budget, the Code Compliance Department, as part of its anti-litter efforts, will assign existing staff members to work the sweeping equipment.


“The Code Compliance Department sees great potential in the use of this equipment and the ability to gain some efficiency to serve more areas or to serve high-litter areas on a more routine basis,” Director Brandon Bennett said. “The proposed street sweeping routes represent a 15 percent increase in mileage over sweeping mileage previously conducted by the city, and could increase by more than 30 percent as the program develops.”


During off-peak hours, days and seasons, the equipment will be based at the city’s drop-off stations. Staff members assigned to the stations will operate the sweepers. In addition, staff assigned to manage community service crews will use the sweepers alongside workers who are picking up litter. Other equipment operators will rotate between street sweeping and traditional illegal dumping abatement.


Sweeper routes will include:


Scheduled weekly sweeping.
Periodic sweeping of high-sediment, high-litter arterials (for example, East Lancaster Avenue and Main Street) and high-use bicycle lanes, where debris is an ongoing problem.
Unscheduled sweeping to address problem areas, assisted by the Code Compliance litter abatement team.


Report street sweeping concerns to 817 392-1234 or by email.

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