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    • 27 May 2021
    • 28 Nov 2021
    • Botanical Research Institute of Texas 1700 University Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76107-3400

    Texas Bee Oasis

    Dallas-based artist Jen Rose crafts tiny sculpture that is not only beautiful, it helps equally tiny pollinators as they go about their work of supporting plants and our ecosystems. These sculptures, called bee cups, are eco-friendly watering stations made from tiny hollow porcelain cones that resemble colorful flowers. Each one collects a few drops of water from the sprinkler or rain and provides a bee-friendly resting station for active pollinators. Placing the bee cups together in groupings, called an “Oasis,” the installations range from a colorful whimsical arrangement of a dozen or so, to a stunning ombre gradiant of over 500.

    Rose began experimenting with the bee cup concept in 2019, curious about questions like “do bees have toes?” and “how long is a bee tongue?” “Pollinating insects are so vital to our ecosystem that I wanted to design something truly helpful, and not cause unintentional harm,” Rose said, explaining the motivation for her research and creative process. The final design holds a maximum of 1 cc of liquid, allowing for evaporation by the evening hours, eliminating the risk of mosquito breeding. The interior of each cup is embossed with ridges. “This gives the bees something to grip onto as they are drinking, much like a shower mat, to prevents falls,” Rose explains.

    The Garden’s original installation, Texas Bee Oasis, is made of over 2,000 bee cups. Its location in the Fuller Garden gives respite and water to our Garden pollinators, as well as beauty and joy to our visitors.

    Bee cups will be sold in the Trellis Shop and BRIT gift shops – they make beautiful additions to your own garden while supporting ecological health and diversity.

    • 29 Aug 2021
    • 12 Dec 2021
    • Amon Carter Museum, 3501 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107

    Be the first to see a major new acquisition by 19th-century landscape painter Thomas Moran!

    Would you believe that just out of view of this idyllic landscape are railroads, mines and quarries, and a booming metropolis? In the late 19th century, while urban development boomed and railroads expanded, the tourism industry promoted the ease and comfort of traveling to the West by rail alongside narratives of the “unspoiled” landscapes visitors would see on their travels.

    Featuring a long-lost watercolor by the acclaimed landscape artist, Thomas Moran’s Mount Superior explores these divergent depictions of the American landscape through photography, works on paper, and popular culture ephemera from the period. Journey to 1870s Salt Lake City and discover how Moran’s idealized vision of Mount Superior fits within the broader history of the colonization and industrialization of the West. Drawn from the museum’s deep holdings of works on paper and photography, this exhibition recounts a story that only the Carter’s collection can tell.

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    • 5 Sep 2021
    • 12 Dec 2021
    • Amon Carter Museum, 3501 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76107

    Immerse yourself in a colorful botanical world full of giant insects, flowers, and plants created by Houston–based artist and Rice University professor Natasha Bowdoin. Inspired by the Carter’s collection and the artist’s abounding interest in literature, from fairytales to transcendental poetry, In the Night Garden defies the senses, offering us a moment to pause and reimagine our relationship to the natural world.

    A blonde woman with her hair pulled up on her head looks off to her left from behind large-scale, cartoon-like botanical illustrations

    In the Night Garden draws together inspiration from the Carter’s 19th-century paintings, botanical prints, and archival materials with the artist’s broader interests, ranging from children’s book illustrations and Greco-Roman mythology to comic books and textile design. Created from cut paper and collaged boards, a large-scale installation made of buoyant yet looming oversized vegetation is accompanied by intricate watercolors that exude ecological fantasies and upend traditional feminine associations with botanical themes. Come and experience In the Night Garden, where you’ll embark on a journey into an uncanny world of nature’s unrelenting powers and mysteries.

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    • 5 Sep 2021
    • 16 Jan 2022
    • The Modern, 3200 Darnell Street Fort Worth, Texas 76107