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JOIN US in Turing Lights Out for Bird Safety

17 Mar 2021 8:39 AM | Anonymous

Lights Out Texas — Big Bend Conservation AllianceSpring bird migration will be underway soon and organizations across Texas will turn their lights out at night as we welcome hundreds of millions of birds migrating through our state on their way north from their southern wintering grounds.

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History would like to partner with our Cultural District Alliance Members to support this initiative.

We hope you will join us in supporting this important effort to protect migrating birds by turning off all non-essential lights during the critical peak spring migration period from April 19 – May 7. Each night and each light turned out helps save migrating birds by reducing collisions with brightly lit buildings.

It’s easy to participate and it’s a win-win for business:

  • Simply turn off all non-essential lights from 11 PM - 6 AM during the migration season.
  • Learn more about Lights Out Texas and sign up for bird migration alerts on the Lights Out Texas website (additional Texas cities coming in early March).
  • Interested in gaining recognition for your efforts? Contact info@texanbynature.org to learn more about recognition opportunities (include your logo, certify your efforts, participate in a blog, provide a quote, and more!)
  • Interested in volunteering for Lights Out Texas with a local conservation organization? Contact info@texanbynature.org and they will connect you to organizations in your city.

Bird collisions can occur at any point during the full spring migration of March 1 – June 15. This spring, we at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History along with all who choose to join us will be prioritizing the window of April 19 – May 7, when half of the total spring bird migration traffic passes through Texas. As an added bonus, turning off non-essential lights also saves energy for cities, local businesses, and homeowners!

If you would like to join us in this effort and be listed in the Press Release that the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History will be developing, please let us know at: admin@cdafw.org.

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