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Census puts official Fort Worth population at 918,915

26 Aug 2021 10:50 PM | Anonymous

The population figure that will be used during the Fort Worth City Council redistricting process is now known: 918,915.

That number is the official census count as of April 1, 2020, although there already have been updated estimates made beyond that number.

Release of the official data is part of a years-long effort that will result in the City Council being reconfigured from nine to 11 members.

Fort Worth expanded from 741,206 people in the 2010 Census to 918,915 in the 2020 Census, a 24% increase. That percentage growth is the greatest among the top 20 largest U.S. cities. According to the official census figures, Fort Worth is the 13th largest city and the fastest growing large city.

Fort Worth’s population is increasingly diverse with respect to race and ethnicity:

White: 336,623 residents; 37% of the total.

Hispanic or Latino: 319,836; 35%.

Black: 176,556, 19%.

Asian: 46,991; 5%.

Other: 38,909, 4%.

The Other category includes anyone who selected two or more race or ethnicity choices; there are more than 140 different race and ethnicity combinations. While “Other” includes those selecting more than one race, it also includes every individual identifying as something other than white alone, Black alone, Asian alone or Hispanic/Latino. While the overall numbers in the “Other” category remain relatively small, it is the fastest-growing race and ethnicity category, according to census data.

Population counts in all city council districts grew at a significant rate over the last decade. District 9, which encompasses downtown and the central city areas south of downtown, grew by 4%, while District 7, which includes many of the rapidly expanding neighborhoods in far north Fort Worth, grew by 76%.

View a video presentation to see council-level data.

What happens next?

The latest census data is being updated in the software, and more training and collaboration sessions aimed at residents are being planned for late September through mid-November. Check online for meeting information.

In addition to the training sessions, redistricting information will be available online and at a series of town hall meetings planned by city councilmembers in the coming weeks.

During this period, residents may also register communities of interest for redistricting purposes.

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