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New flood warning website helps protect lives, property

14 Feb 2019 10:24 PM | Anonymous

Fort Worth’s new flood warning information web page is designed to provide real-time flood warning risk levels to protect people from hazardous flood conditions.

The flood warning information is generated from monitored low-water road crossing flashers at 52 locations throughout the city, which warns drivers in the immediate area of a flood hazard by flashing warning lights. At the same time, text and email alerts to emergency responders are issued when water-level sensors of each flasher system are triggered by rising water.

The new website shows drivers in real time whether the road crossing near their home, workplace, school or any location on their commute, is a flood risk before they even arriving at the location.

The real-time conditions will indicate either:

  • No known threat (“NONE”), in green.
  • Potential conditions for flooding (“CAUTION”), in yellow.
  • Or that the road crossing has overtopped with water (“AVOID”), in red.

A grant from the Texas Water Development Board provided development support for system improvements, and stormwater utility fees funded the project. too.

One of the benefits of the flood warning system is that weather data (mainly rainfall) is collected at 39 existing and 20 new dedicated weather stations, along with stations belonging to regional partners. This real-time weather data helps to better predict the movement and intensity of rainfall coming into Fort Worth, which allows for advance warning as storms head our direction.

To learn more, contact Jennifer Dyke at 817-392-2714.

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