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Panther Island bridges making progress

4 Oct 2019 10:00 PM | Anonymous

Significant progress continues on all three of the TxDOT signature bridges on Panther Island. Here are a few highlights:

Henderson Street Bridge

In late September, the contractor completed the final signature V-Pier on the Henderson Street Bridge. This means all 20 signature V-piers are now completed.

With all of the signature V-Piers complete, motorists can expect to see the superstructure false work (the temporary support structure for construction) to begin spanning this bridge. The superstructure false work is under construction on both the north and south ends of the bridge.

Once the superstructure false work is in place, the contractor will begin installing the steel reinforcement for the bridge’s box girder system. The box girder is the portion of the bridge that supports the roadway.

White Settlement Bridge

Work is well underway on the box girder superstructure on the White Settlement Bridge. The box girder is the portion of the bridge that supports the roadway. In August and September, the bridge contractor performed six major concrete pours associated with the bridge’s support system.

Major concrete pours have now been performed on three of the four bridge abutments. It is anticipated that four additional concrete pours will occur on the bridge in October.

North Main Bridge

The contractor has completed the superstructure false work for the North Main Bridge and is installing th steel reinforcement for the box girder systems over two of the signature v-piers. It is anticipated that the steel installation will continue into December.

The Panther Island project, which includes three signature bridges positioned along the to-be-realigned Trinity River, is a collaborative effort between the Trinity River Vision Authority, TxDOT, the City of Fort Worth, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Tarrant County.

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