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Stormwater fees increase goes into effect with January billing

31 Dec 2019 9:07 PM | Anonymous

The mission of the city’s stormwater program is to protect people and property from harmful stormwater runoff. The additional revenue from the 6.5% fee increase will provide capacity for roughly $70 million in bonds to expedite the delivery of high-priority capital improvements to:

Mitigate hazardous road overtopping locations, which present one of the highest risks to life safety.

Rehabilitate aging, critical storm drain pipes to ensure they continue to effectively convey stormwater.

Restore channels that are significantly threatening adjacent infrastructure/property.

Reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses.

Monthly rates will increase beginning with the January 2020 water billing cycle.

Non-residential and multi-family

Rates for non-residential and multi-family properties will increase 35 cents for every 2,600 square feet of hard surface (2,600 square feet of hard surface equals 1 billing unit). That means the current monthly rate of $5.40 per billing unit will increase to $5.75. For example, the fee for a commercial property with a total hard surface area of 25,000 square feet (.57 acre) will be $57.50, calculated in this way:

25,000 square feet / 2,600 square feet = 9.6 billing units, rounded to 10 billing units. 10 billing units x $5.75 (new rate) per month = $57.50.

Learn more about 2020 stormwater rates online.

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